A bit of our history and background

Founded in 2016, and fully in action since 2017, Cogix Agency is the result of the merging of WebStep and MetaCogix in 2022. Like nearly all start-ups, in the beginning there was only one person working for the company, founder Yanick Desjardins. As the company steadily grew and made a name for itself in several regions over the years, the need for a team began to surface. Much to the satisfaction of Yanick and the Agency’s clients, the company now counts a team of five people in addition to its founder. This success is due in part to our expertise in the Web sector, but also to the values that we deeply cherish, including human contact, innovation, creativity, respect, and transparency. These values have been part of the company since day 1, and we continue to uphold them on a daily basis.

Where does the inspiration for our name come from?

Our name is inspired by the verb “to cogitate”, because we like to think and reflect for and with our clients. We offer and implement unique, customized solutions to help every company stand out in a way that is aligned with its image and values. Because our customers are part of our thinking process, and seeing as nothing is more valuable than human contact, we offer a meeting at the heart of your facilities to truly immerse ourselves in your corporate culture. Visiting your premises is part of our standard procedure and inspires the thought process of everyone involved.