Agence Cogix gets involved for its region

As a Lanaudière company, it’s important for us to do our part and get involved in a concrete way. We have chosen to be present and committed to the Fin à la faim organization. This cause is particularly close to our hearts, because it touches on an essential need – food – and supports local people in need in a multitude of other ways. More than twenty hours a month, we are on hand to help out at the Thursday food drive and give mini-conferences at local schools to raise awareness of poverty among young students. We are also honoured to sit on the organization’s communications and fundraising committees.

Multiple contributions

Every year, the agency gets involved with various causes following spontaneous requests. To date, we’ve helped provide school supplies to give students and their families a helping hand, sponsored children in need to receive a Christmas gift, raised funds for Movember and contributed financially to entrepreneurial events organized by local organizations. Certainly, when it’s possible for us to be present and supportive, we’re there.