Think outside

of the box

A potentially less costly solution

We regularly receive requests for project feasibility analyses. Quite often, it’s partly to find out how to turn a Web idea or ideas into reality, while saving on costs.

With a unique needs analysis, it’s possible for us to set up a customized data infrastructure to meet your company’s requirements. Simplify – Optimize – Maximize – Organize, thanks to customized Web development solutions.

Développement sur mesure - OPCO


Customized Web solutions tailored to your needs

Some website projects can’t be carried out with a CMS, the main reasons being an increased need for security, avoiding updates that can cause problems with the site, having proprietary code, being limited in the functionalities offered, or other specific needs requiring an integrated module.

For all these reasons, prioritizing a custom website is a good strategy for optimizing results and meeting expectations.



Process optimization

A Web application is a good solution for optimizing internal processes and meeting very specific needs. It’s also an excellent way of solving problems or overcoming constraints imposed by standard software.

With a Web application, anything is possible – the sky’s the limit!


Inter-application networking

For optimization purposes and to facilitate time management, a bridge can be created to enable software applications to communicate with one another. This helps prevent errors and duplicate data management.