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Because sometimes there’s just not enough time. The agencies are too busy, or the days aren’t long enough, or in some cases, an employee in the Web department has just left the company. In short, it can be challenging to keep up with demand. The “White Label” solution is a great way to cope in the short and medium term, allowing the delivery of a large number of mandates at the same time. Among agencies, we understand each other – we’ve all been there!

This is why Cogix Agency offers white label solutions. Projects can be taken over from A to Z, without Cogix Agency’s name appearing on them. It’s an efficient, cost-effective solution that enables you to regain control of schedules, meet project deadlines, and finally take a breather.

We offer flat-rate agreements or a bank of available hours, depending on the needs and scope of the projects entrusted to us.

What we


Web projects, 100% handled by Cogix Agency, where collaboration and commitment are at the forefront to achieve results that exceed expectations.


Planning and communication of progress throughout the process, right up to the day of delivery to the agency having awarded the mandate.

Quality of work

Carefully executed projects in the hands of a professional, competent, and meticulous team. Quality is always the order of the day!

On-time delivery

Projects are always completed and delivered on time. That way, everyone wins. At Cogix Agency, respect is one of our most prized values.