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Add a website to your current strategy! See how our integrated features can help you optimize your digital presence.

An evolving website!

Just a few of the website templates available from our extensive selection.

Optimization - Customization - Simplicity Fast UX/UI performance Elementor -
Optimization - Customization - Simplicity Fast UX/UI performance Elementor -
Hosting - Copywriting - Design - Secure - Update -
Hosting - Copywriting - Design - Secure - Update -


Including a strategic meeting to determine your positioning.


A site designed to stand out from the crowd. Ideal for solo or duo brokers.


+ installation fee 199.99$


For brokers who want to maximize their web presence with optimized SEO.


+ installation fee 399.99$


For teams or agencies wishing to offer the best visibility to their brokers.


+ installation fee $799.99

Customized design

We want to meet with you to get a clear picture of your agency and your needs.

To be determined

*Your monthly payments may vary depending on the number of properties synchronized.
**See editorial options section

Available options

Several options are available to create a complete package or meet specific needs.

SyncBroker links Centris to your website

A WordPress extension (plugin) to synchronize real estate listings with Centris. Two daily data updates mean that real estate brokers no longer have to manage postings and different web platforms twice. Pre-designed visuals for several banners are available, as well as many other features. SyncBroker is constantly evolving, with new features developed on a regular basis.

Optimized SEO

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